Vener was born in 1969 and is distinguished by a particular aspect: who creates the product is our customer. Every single creation begins with a customer’s desire, which becomes a project, a work process, and ultimately the final product.
Always at the service of planners, designers and interior decorators who know they can count on craftsmanship flexibility combined with industrial quality, today Vener can offer to the market a new important opportunity of choice.
All the furnishings are handcrafted and each creation is a unique piece in a limited and numbered series; Vener’s collection is different from any other in the materials used and the strictly manual finishes, capable of defining the character of the room in which it is inserted in an unexpected way.

Few materials, handcrafted, joined without the use of chemicals, combined in innovative way.
The wood mostly comes from our Como lands, smoothed to reach a surprising velvet effect preserving its natural shades or used exactly as it is, as in the case of logs used as table base.
Stone used is the marble of the Lombard valleys, a material that offers great stability and versatility, allowing different processes for each project.
The metal is skillfully treated, with a complete technical know-how to obtain surprising effects of brightness and decorations.
Even where the initial idea is related to an everyday objects or elements of nature, the result is always surprising because our choice is to be at the service of creativity.

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From mechanics to design: a choice that is certainly not a necessary step, but rather a challenge dictated by a solid Lombard logic and the desire to give vent to the wildest creativity.

The 2012 led to the birth of Vener Tailor made art, a team of 12 carpenters, mechanics and joiners whom carry out all kind of works conceived and designed by Mr. Giovanni Vener.
Stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper and cortén steel that blend with essences such as chestnut, cedar of Lebanon, oak with stone, marble and crystal.

A path that has given life to modern furnishings, unique pieces or in limited reproduction, which live in an elegant balance between shapes and materials, between craftsmanship and industrial archeology, between art and design.

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