Project Description

Hercules Walnut

Majestic balance

Silent and majestic, the creations of nature that surround us remain impassive to the passage of time and, for hundreds of years, they are silent witnesses of the eras that follow one another.
Just as all of us would open an ancient book hoping to find answers to our deeper questions, so Vener, when nature gives us these forest’s giants, want to open them to admire what has been patiently drawn through the years.
An unspeakable privilege, the trunk is a piece of art itself where every single year has been meticulously painted on it and where the hand of man has nothing to do with it. What we are allowed to do is only to emphasize its superb beauty by creating bases that harmoniously support its grandeur.


Technical Features


Length:                          580cm

Width:                            127cm

Top Thickness:             13cm


Solid Walnut Wood

Black Iron

Stainless steel 304

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