Our history has been made by you

Vener started in 1969 and stands out because is the client, and not the company, who decides the product. Every single creation begins with a request, that becomes a project, then a work process and finally the finished product.

Always at the service of interior designers who count on artisan flexibility joined to industrial quality, today Vener Lab proposes indipendent creations to offer new choices to the market.

Every creation is an unique piece in limited and numbered series, different from any other ones about the materials used and the finishing, rigorously manual, and it can define in a different and unexpected way the interior where is placed.

Simple and surprising ideas

Few materials hand made assembled, joined without using chemical products, combined in an innovative way.

The wood comes from our land, it’s worked with interlocking preserving the natural tones. Or else used as it is, only polished, as it happens with the logs that work as bases.

The stone is the ghiandone from the Lombard valleys, a material that offers great firmness and versatility, allowing different processes for every project.

The metal is treated in a masterly way, with deep knowledge of any technical and production feature, to reach effects of brightness and contrast that follow and point up the designed shapes.

Though the starting hint is linked to object of common use or elements of nature, the result is always surprising: because our choice is to be at the service of creativity.

Lavorazione artigianale