Project Description


Extracted from ground, smoothed and fixed on a support, the root of a centuries-old tree acquires brilliance and prestige thanks to the surface in tempered glass. Every root is different from others in shape and colour, and the steel base follows with precision its shape. Original table in wood and glass, it’s a furnishing complement that unites in an unexpected way contrasting materials, for a modern look interior. Floating in the air, the root acquires an unusual lightness that smoothes the grandiosity of wood, while the metal base captures and reflects incident light, with a further effect of mass attenuation. Over all, the glass surface emphasizes the articulated shape of the root, different for every single table, rich in history and full of charm.

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Technical Features


The top is made of crystal.

The base is formed by a chestnut root with iron inserts.


Diameter             200 cm

Height                   80 cm

Top Thickness      1.9 cm