Project Description


Accosted durmast boards, steel supports, connected by bases that increase the feeling of solidity. The ‘lived’ effect of the used boards transports all the history of a noble and ancient wood in a furnishing complement. Classic and modern in the same time, thanks to the design that combines wood and metal in a single piece, and matches the interior with a mix of tradition and innovation. The used and seasoned durmast, a material very rich in quality and prestige, is the strong point of this table, with its warm and graceful colour and its look full of strength. In contrast, the square metal of the base adds a feeling of linearity and solidness, that allows the durmast to ‘float’ in the air with a final effect of great neatness and lightness, despite the consistence of used materials.


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Technical Features


The top is made of oak wood.

The legs are made of iron.


Lenght                240 cm

Height                77.5 cm

Width                   85 cm

Top Thickness     6.5 cm