Project Description


Wonderful table, that takes its name from the shape of the lake reproduced in the stainless steel drop-shaped surface, mirror polished except the contrasting satin area. The base is a smoothed tree log and the combination, modern and classic at the same time, is perfect for the living area. It fits easily in a design living room as well as in an open surrounding, it’s a furnishing complement that becomes protagonist. The lake shape and the log directly recall the production place, the mountains surrounding Como lake, where are selected and cut the trees that after will become the bases for these tables. The satin/polished metal effect and the cavities in the wood create refined and precious light games, that attenuate the imposing table dimensions to make it fit for every room.

Como lake

Create your version of Como Lake with different sizes, materials and finishes.

Technical Features


The top is made of stainless steel with a polished lake silhouette.

The base is made of cedar wood.


Lenght               260 cm

Height                  80 cm

Width                  150 cm

Top Thickness        1 cm