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Unusual and designed encounters

Every piece is born from the magic of an unusual and designed encounter between the strength of metal, the solidness of stone, the warmth of wood and the brilliance of glass. Every material has its own potential and character, and interacts with others to get great dynamicity and absolute aesthetic energy, harmoniously matching different qualities in a complete and unrepeatable combination.

Familiar means original

The ideas for pieces are developed transforming familiar objects into original complements, thanks to an effective and subtle play of dimensions, combinations, joints and contrasts. Often it’s enough to magnify a detail for bringing to light and emphasizing all its hidden aesthetical qualities, with a result that can in the same time disorient and fascinate.

Looking for the right material

Materials are selected for production according to different characteristics: the superior quality, the origin from the territory, the aesthetic and functional opportunities… On the contrary, what blends all in an unique set is the human material, creativity that extracts a piece from an intuition, a combination from a previous experience, a project from a far memory, an idea from a dream.

The human intervention

All the processes are exclusively and rigorously hand made, the crafts finishing obtains an absolute refinement, respecting the specific characteristics of the project and of the selected materials. Passion, energy, care for details: in every Vener Lab piece, the irreplaceable human contribution translates them into solutions that can exalt the aesthetic quality of any interior.